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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the rent-to-own program work?

It is a flexible plan where your down payment is for an initial option which gives you the right, but not the obligation, to purchase a mobile home or Tiny House. It locks in the price of the home, but you do not sign a long-term lease or promissory note. The more you put down, the lower your monthly rent can be, or you can pay off the home more quickly. We are flexible in structuring the terms to meet your needs as long as the combination of down payment and monthly payment is reasonable.

What is included in the rent-to-own monthly payment?

Lot rent (which varies by location), insurance, taxes, and trash. At Skylark MHC, Lone Star MHC, and Ridgewood Terrace, water and lawn care are also included.

Do you do any short-term rentals?

As a general rule, no, we are not interested in temporary short-term rentals. We want stable communities of people who want to own their own home. We do have 3 small Tiny Houses available for short term rental, which are a nice alternative to an extended-stay motel for traveling nurses or other temporary workers.

Is there a criminal background check to qualify for the rent-to-own program?

Yes. We do not permit registered sex offenders or recent drug or violent felony convictions.

Do you have any rent-to-own houses other than mobile homes?

We primarily deal in mobile homes but we do offer Tiny Houses in our Ridgewood Terrace community, near our Big Woods location.

How long does it take to pay off a rent-to-own home?

It varies with the amount you put down, but is usually in the range of 9-13 years.

Is the lot on which the mobile home is located included in the sale?

No, except in specified land/home packages, you are only purchasing the mobile home. The lot cannot be sold separately because it shares common infrastructure such as water and sewer systems.

Is there a credit check to qualify for the rent-to-own program?

No, your ability to manage your finances to save for the initial down payment and the results of a personal interview is how we qualify you.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. Small indoor pets are allowed in the communities inside the city limits. There is more flexibility for outdoor pets in Big Woods MHC and Ridgewood Terrace, which are both outside the city limits.

Do you ever have empty lots which can be rented if I wish to bring my own mobile home?

Rarely, but any home moved into the communities must be late-model and in good condition and you should obtain prior approval before purchasing a home to move into one of our communities.